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Tech Giants Question Apple Vision Pro’s Worth & Comfort

  • Apple Vision Pro’s review analysis is based on the tech giant’s reviews to evaluate its worth.
  • Safety, functionality, and comfort scored lower when analyzing the Apple Vision Pro features.
  • The fun factor scores the highest due to its entertainment features.
apple vision pro review

With the Apple Vision Pro’s release, many people added it to their wishlist, hoping to get it sooner. Ubuy analyzed the most-watched YouTube reviews from leading tech vloggers to provide insights into its features and performance. The analysis focused on key aspects such as productivity, user interface (UI), safety, functionality, entertainment, comfort, wearability, and value for money.

Safety: Score 2/10

When analyzing the Apple Vision Pro reviews, safety stands out as a major concern among reviewers. The headset changes how your actual environment appears through its camera-based system and can make you feel cut off from the real world when you’re wearing it. This is especially true in dim lighting or when you’re doing everyday activities, such as cooking.

Functionality: Score 2/10

Functionality is another feature that received lower ratings in the reviews, mainly because the device makes users look directly at the items they want to control. If you’re walking or if it doesn’t pick up your movements right in some places, it might not work properly.

Comfort & Wearability: Score 3/10

The next factor that we analyzed is comfort and wearability, which received only 3 points out of 10. Most analyzed reviews show that wearing the device on his head and face can be inconvenient even if it sits comfortably.

Cost: Score 4/10

The price point is yet another concern that most of the reviewers have brought up. The headset has a high initial price and potential additional expenses for accessories, such as the protective sock, light shield, as well as add-ons.

Productivity: Score 9/10

On the contrary to the features above, productivity is one of the main pros that the device has. The seamless integration increases productivity by offering users an extensive, customizable workspace. Yet, there are text input limitations and the necessity of a physical keyboard for longer tasks, making it score 9 out of 10.

UI and UX: Score 9/10

The device’s UI and UX are other features that scored high. The interface is comfortable, letting the users move and adjust windows in the space around them, making it simpler to multitask.

Entertainment: Score 10/10

The headset scored the highest for its fun factor. People really enjoy its entertainment features, particularly with games and videos.

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