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Order Awe-Inspiring Gifts for Your Best Friends & Relatives Online in UK

Sending gifts to people time and again symbolizes you care and value their presence in your life. Things start turning a little difficult when you have to decide between what would be the best to gift on a particular occasion or what to zero upon from a plethora of options. The next problem is where to find the perfect gift in the market and how to commute that far. With the ease of comparing international products online, get the most thoughtful presents for your best friend & relatives at Ubuy. We are the biggest-selling eCommerce portal that offers a wide array of gifts like home and kitchen appliances, industrial and scientific equipment, gift hampers, chocolates, electronic gadgets, perfumes, handbags and other trendy accessories online.

Purchase Unique International Gifts by Product Categories in UK

For your ease, we have categorized our global gifts into innovative product categories. Whatever your need be, we got a versatile yet user-friendly collection of gift boxes cum hampers that you can send abroad or purchase from anywhere in the world. The right gift selection requires online research and personal categorization based on the giftee's preferences. If you are being choosy and planning to buy something really special, browse through these categories of Electronic Gadgets, Fashion Accessories, Makeup Kits, Hygiene Products, Office and Home Decor, Cookware and Home Appliances, Sports & Tools, Chocolate Gift Basketss, Perfume Gift Sets and more.

Shop International Gifts Online Customized for Any and Every Occasion

No two occasions are the same and gifts are always intended for a particular person. Whether you want to buy gifts for your best friend or return gifts for the guests that arrived at your party, we got you all covered.

Send your siblings, foreign chocolates and delicacies from any part of the world. Gifts add the ooze of thrill and excitement to all the special days in your friends' and family members' lives. Sending gifts overseas for birthdays, weddings, Christmas and more has never been so easy before. No matter which age group you belong to, these uniquely handcrafted parcels can be classic or contemporary as per your choice.

Ubuy ships gifts internationally and ensures all of them get delivered right to the recipient's doorstep. Gift your loved one's happiness with our hand-picked selection of Birthday & Anniversary Gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts, Father’s Day & Mother’s Day Gifts all of which can be shipped internationally to London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and major cities in UK via any of Ubuy’s seven stores.

Go through the aforementioned gift ideas lined up for different occasions -

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are quite lavishly celebrated because they mark the arrival of the person in this world who is now an indispensable part of our lives. Hence, a birthday bash thrown on this day is a very common practice. A birthday gift is an easy yet straight way to let someone know that they are always present in your thoughts and to send them your best wishes on this special day in a parcel.

Anniversary Gifts

It is the togetherness and charm of the relationship that strengthens and nurtures the eternal bond between two people. Relive memories and build some exotic ones with the unusual and distinctive wedding anniversary gifts available here.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Blossom the new relationship with our array of delightful Valentine's Day presents and get them delivered to their homes right away. Show your partner that you love and care for your Valentine with these enthralling Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers are the pillar of strength for the whole family and will leave no stone unturned to make the ends meet. Undoubtedly, he is your superhero, your saviour, and in every way responsible for your success. Gift him some thoughtful gifts this Father's day that will make his work easier which he is not purchasing for himself.

Mother’s Day Gifts

The bond a mother and the child share knows no bounds. Yes, but being a mother can sometimes be quite a challenging task. Show your respect and appreciation for your mom with a wide selection of gifts and hampers. Leave her awestruck and mesmerized with the valuable and expressive gifts that we have specially curated for her.

Christmas Gifts

Nowadays, every other person prefers to buy the best Xmas presents online because they get to choose from an extensive selection of friends and family under one umbrella. Happiness and merry-making multiply manifold times with sharing. Send best wishes and greetings for new beginnings worldwide by purchasing customized Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones this eve.

Congratulation and Appreciation Gifts

You will never experience a dearth of options on our platform. You can purchase anything and everything from the international gifts shopping store. Pick an adorable present from our versatile collection and save more in your pocket with top-of-the-line gifts that last.

Ubuy houses an unparalleled collection of creative gifts for Indian festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas and more. A one-stop shopping destination that allows you to purchase premium quality gifts from international brands not easily available on any other shopping platform.

Purchase from the Ocean of Gifts Available Online for Everyone on Your List

In today's busy lifestyle, friends and relatives rarely get together. Everyone is so preoccupied with their own lives that the only time families or friends meet is at specially organized events. That’s why one must make the extra effort to give your loved ones gifts that will light up their day and express how important they are to you. Send them gifts they will cherish forever. A diverse collection of international presents from over 100 million premium brands are being sold worldwide to choose from.

Choose the best from a medley of global gifts sold online for your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, kids, and so on from Ubuy. Every person holds a special and irreplaceable place in your life. You are also aware of their likes, dislikes and how their opinions differ from others. Find the perfect gift for them with an exquisite collection of presents from Ubuy. Gifts to buy for your girlfriend or boyfriend, about-to-be fiance & fiancee, soon-to-be bride or groom or your best buddy.

Ubuy ships gift baskets worldwide for all those who are an undetachable part of your life. Send gift hampers and chocolates abroad for Kids, Parents or your favourite employees. The following is a list of global gifts you can send to your loved ones:

Gifts for Best Friend

You owe a lot to your best friend, both happy and silly moments, and fond memories. Pamper him/her with his/her favourite pack of chocolates, jewels, accessories or anything he/she has been yearning for a long time.

Gifts for Boyfriend

Purchase your boyfriend’s favourite Hair gel kits, new t-shirts, old mix tapes, keychains and more online at reasonable prices

Gifts for Girlfriend

Choose from a versatile collection of stuffed toys and romantic showpieces, an inflatable couch, scented candles, and one heart-two-piece pendant for your girlfriend.

Gifts for Husband

Purchase from an exclusive selection of Deodorant hampers, wallets, hard-to-find watches, cufflinks, designer shoes, neck and back massagers, dairies, and other men's accessories for your hubby.

Gifts for Wife

Bring home matching brooches, cookware sets, jewellery sets, terrarium-inspired mini-worlds and home decor gifts to impress your wifey this evening.

Gifts for Mother

My preferences for shopping for my mother will include keepsake boxes, tea towels, healthy nuts, a cosmetics or spa basket, and a decorative wall piece of art.

Gifts for Father

I would choose an organiser, toolbox, the latest electronic gadgets, or fishing and camping equipment for dad as gifts from the lot.

Gifts for Brother

Surprise your brother with gym accessories, grooming kits, premium smartwatches, photo frames, and printed mugs with a message inscribed this time.

Gifts for Sister

If I were you, I would pamper my sister with top-of-the-line makeup kits, fashion accessories, ethnic dresses, and her favourite mobile phones and accessories this weekend.

Gifts for Kids & Teens

Bottles, metallic pins, touch lights, lamps, daily dairy, action figures, and themed pen stands become the perfect kids for kids and teens of today.

Gifts for Soon-To-Be Bride & Groom

Romantic gifts being sold include a couple's crystal ball, dancing statues, whisky glass set, matching love bands and bracelets to keep the soon-to-be couple hooked to each other.

This international gift shop is also inclusive of gifts hard to find for your female friends, both offline as well as online.

Buy the Most Quirkiest Collection of Gifts for Professionals at this eGift Store

Gifting by profession is the new trend floating around in the market. Corporate gifting is a common practice carried out by significant members of any organisation. Take advantage of the option of international shipping while purchasing corporate gifts for your customers and employees online. Impress your special clients with luxurious corporate gifts on every occasion, and celebrate all of the festivals with them in a unique way.

Ubuy has the best corporate gifts for your clients and to those that matter to you the most. We house a specially assorted and elite collection of Gifts for IT Professionals, Influencers, Teachers, Lawyers, Sports people and Doctors that they will find useful and thoroughly appreciate your selection.

If your friend is a traveller, a Vlogger or enjoys exploring new cuisines, you will find exotic gifts to keep them hooked forever.

From passionate music and gaming lovers to all our techno wizards, we've got the most advanced electronic gadgets lined up for everyone. For avid readers, we have our bookshelves toppling over with books in many languages.

Our cross-border shopping platform will now help you maintain distant and prosperous relationships. Send unique gift boxes overseas via Ubuy to create blissful moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Get Gifts Shipped Internationally Online to UK from Our Worldwide Stores

Sending gift hampers overseas to UK is now just a matter of clicks! We have no doubt that you will require an exclusive gift for every occasion and for every person you know. Use the coupon code "UBGIFTS" to assure up to 30% savings on every purchase you make via our shopping website or app.

For ease of selection, we have divided our gifts into different categories. We cater to some of the best gift baskets and hampers to ensure that you have the best products delivered to your loved ones.

Secret Santa gift ideas just got a whole lot better with Ubuy. Send Christmas hampers abroad and surprise your loved ones with the unexpected. You can also buy international gift cards online to make the process of purchasing gifts a lot easier.

Most of us would agree that a truly distinctive gift is more meaningful and captivating than a materialistic gift that costs a ton. Do not waste a minute longer! Choose your gifts beforehand to ensure timely delivery. For more enquiries, please contact us at