Qasil is a natural substance that is harvested from native Somali gob trees. The leaves of these trees are ground together to produce a smooth powder that comes with natural antibacterial and cleansing properties. To maintain overall wellness for your body rely on Qasil powder. At Ubuy there are various interesting multipurpose Qasil leaf powder products available like Uhuru Naturals Qasil Powder, Wonder Plant Somali Qasil Powder, Huda Organics Qasil Powder and many more.

The Natural Qasil Powder has been used by Somali women for centuries to get a clearer, smoother and brighter skin texture. The efficiency of Qasil powder made it a routinary for Somali women to be attractively alluring.

Usage of Qasil Powder

The Qasil powder can be used as a facemask, face cleanser and even spot treatment. This natural powder is quite effective to be used in place of traditional soaps for a better skincare result. There are different ways in which Qasil powder can be used that are given below:

Face Mask: Qasil Powder is quite amazing For Deep Cleanses Skin when used as a mask. This natural mask is easy to put on and easy to take off the face by gently scrubbing the skin and then rinsing it off for a cleaner, softer and glowing complexion.

Face Cleanser: This multipurpose qasil powder is a well-functioning face cleanser that is effective in reducing acne-prone troubles, for mild exfoliation. Apply this powder as a face cleanser in a circular motion to get rid of dirt and oil built-ups. This ancient Somali Beauty Secret works as an efficient humectant to help in hydrating the skin while enhancing its natural glow.

Hair Mask: Organic Qasil Powder is effective in providing good hair care by detoxifying the scalp while adding shine and volume to the hair. This powder is also efficient in helping out in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

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The benefits of using qasil powder are not unknown to a majority of people like pulling out impurities from the skin, cleansing the skin with antibacterial properties, tightening the pores to deal with acne troubles and many more. There are different product choices available like Priddyfair Nutrition Qasil Powder, Roselle Naturals Qasil Powder, E.A. Skin Solutions Qasil Powder etc. for a boost of antioxidants along with a natural and youthful glow.  Shop your required Qasil powder from Ubuy as it’s one of the most reliable Qasil Powder Suppliers to get started shopping internationally.

Potent Qasil Powder Face Masks

In this collection there are different product choices available as mentioned below:

Qasil Organics - Brightening & Exfoliating Mask

This product has got Qasil powder as a core ingredient to fade away dark spots. This organic mask offers the power of invigorating facial treatment at home to polish, detox and refine the complexion. Qasil powder mask is quite impressive to even out skin tone while detoxifying the skin from deep within the pores.

Tropical Superfoods Qasil Powder

Tropical Superfood is a brand  that manufactures an array of dietary supplements such as Herbal tea, raw sea moss and Qasil powder. This Powder is a gentle cleansing remedy For Soothing Dry Skin troubles. Apply a paste using this powder to make your skin feel clean and soothed. This Somalia Beauty Secret Qasil Powder's texture is green and has an aroma similar to dried hay.