Carpets and rugs are an excellent choice if you are looking to add value to your room as these are attractive styling elements. The traditional print and premiums of Turkish rugs and carpets is known to everyone. Bring them home and you’ll surely get compliments from your guests when they see your gorgeous floor. On this page, we made our immense efforts in listing the top quality Turkish rugs and carpets.

Turkish Rugs & Carpets - Purpose and Difference

Turkish rugs and carpets are traditional handmade textile articles that have been made in Turkey for generations. These are meant to stay and keep the surroundings warm. Silk, wool and cotton are the primary materials used in them. Turkish rugs and carpets are handcrafted by using traditional weaving techniques and they are worldwide used as floor coverings and decorative items.

Turkish rugs and carpets are greatly admired and valued for their heritage belongings and craft ships. These instruments' exceptional quality and distinctive textures are the reasons they have attained such widespread appreciation.

While finding a distinctive gap between Turkish rugs and carpets you will find that carpets are edge-to-edge full-size floor covers whereas rugs are more compact and do not extend in the entire room, they form a smaller portion than carpets.

Buy Turkish Rugs & Carpets Online - An Advantageous Addition

You must have understood the purpose and uses of Turkish rugs and carpets, it is now your turn to move forward with the enthralling advantages of Turkish rugs and carpets -

  • Turkish rugs and carpets are popular for their amazing durability, they are very long-lasting.
  • These have variable uses as they can be used as floor coverings, mats, table covers, wall hangings and more.
  • Turkish rugs and carpets are made with silk and shag to be softer and stay warm.
  • They look very classic as they have exotic prints and patterns.
  • Apart from being traditionally valued and admired across the globe, Turkish rugs and carpets are an affordable option than other carpets and rugs.

Bring Home these Vintage and Modern Turkish Rugs & Carpets

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Sacred Artisans Prayer Turkish Rug - This Turkish rug comes in a variety of colors including orange, pink, green, blue, black and gray. It is made with bamboo and cotton and is best used as a prayer rug.

Yilong Carpet 7.2'x10.2' Turkish Silk Rug - Yilong Turkish carpet is made with silk and is 100% hand knotted which is best suitable for your living room. Also, it has a blue and beige color and can be used in a wedding and housewarming party.

Valenrug Washable Turkish Persian Rug - It is an original quality Turkish Persian rug that is made up of premium microfiber yarns. It is a good match for the kid's playroom and pass area.

Modefa Turkish Islamic Prayer Rug - This rug has luscious softness and thickness to provide a convenient prayer experience. It is made with dense velvet and when you touch it, you feel the super soft texture.

Rugselect Authentic Oushak Turkish Rug - It is an original hand-knotted Turkish oushak rug that has 100% wool in it. Also, this rug has a fascinating light floral print and blue, beige and gray patchwork.

What are the Top Rated & Trending Turkish Rugs & Carpets?

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