How to Spot Fake Shoes? This is a question that always comes into mind while shopping for shoes online. Don't worry, here we will equip you with the required knowledge for how to know if shoes are fake or real. It's obvious that while shopping, you may come across fake footwear at some point. On social media, there are various counterfeit products. Therefore, we should avoid those shoes, but how do you know if your shoes are fake? That is the question that still remains unanswered. Here on this page, we've provided information to check if shoes are real or not, please go through it for complete shopping convenience at Ubuy UK.

Things to Consider While Spotting Fake Shoes that Look Real

Shoes are always sought after and definitely for good reasons like style, comfort and prestige. That's why wearing the real ones really matters a lot. As there are many fake shoes available that look real, follow the points mentioned below to know how to differentiate:

Check for Authentic Sources:

This point is highly recommended if you're shopping for shoes from social media. Checking for credentials is considered a major aspect. Go through the website page and see if the page is fully functioning. If you are planning to buy from a new website, make sure to pay using PayPal. As it offers good buyer protection and insure that you get what you're ordering.

Look for Inside Tag:

Yes, It's obvious to get inside tags in branded original shoes compared to fake ones. The scammers can't copy the original tag number.

Check Out the Sole:

Another one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between fake vs real shoes. As premium branded shoes are manufactured with high-quality soles and the pattern on them is crisp compared to fake ones.

Now it’s Easy to Check if the Shoe is Real or Not

There is an “n number” of counterfeit goods available in the market nowadays. Some copies are almost identical to the originals, so it's important for you to know, how can you tell if shoes are fake. If you’re into running and like being an athlete it would be great for you to have a perfect running shoe and for making the right choice you can rely on our running shoe buying guide. That would help you out in choosing to shop for your preferred running shoes.

Real V/S Fake Shoes as Per Brand

How to spot fake shoes nowadays, people spending big bucks on something that is worth nothing. Authenticating a shoe might be quite tricky if you don't have the right one in front of you. There is a medley of shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Testoni, Converse, Reebok and so on. While purchasing top-branded footwear online, it’s ok to feel suspicious about the product if it’s fake or real. To get you free from the worries of how to tell if Nike's are fake, here we’ve mentioned some brand-wise identifying tips to comfortably pick the right product. 

How to Tell if Nike's are Fake?

Nike's shoes are among the most popular footwear that has been targeted by counterfeiters for a long time. To help you out, we've mentioned some tips mentioned below to identify real vs fake Jordans:

  • Fake Nike shoes don't come in the Original Nike boxes they are shrink-wrapped in plastic or don't have a box at all. It is a good point to find a difference between fake vs real Nike shoes. 
  • How to tell if sneakers are fake? Then you can tell that by looking at the sturdiness of Nike boxes as fake one is less sturdy compared to the original one, since they are hastily glued together. 
  • How to check if sneakers are real? It’s easy, you just have to check out the quality statement, as authentic Nike Sneakers are usually made with high-quality leather, while the fake ones are made using lower-quality material like pleather. 
  • The real Nike shoes come with an SKU number that is the same as the one mentioned in the box. If the number on it is missing or doesn't match, then it is possible to be fake.

How to Tell If You Have Fake Adidas Yeezys?

Adidas and Kanye West Releases new Yeezys every year, while counterfeiters are trying to fake them out. To stay safe from these fake people, we are here to help you with some quality tips:

  • You can consider it real when it simply has “Made in China” along with a bar code, size & gender specification and serial code. Otherwise it’s fake 
  • The fake Yeezys have white text on both insoles. The text should not be pure white but have a dark grey that almost blends in with the background colour.

Fake Gucci Shoes vs Real

Gucci's shoes are premium footwear and there are various imitated shoes available in the market. To be sure about the real, follow these tips:

  • Check Out the Gucci Boxes.
  • Have a look at the details present on the sticker label.
  • See if there is a Firenze 1921 Card.

How to Spot Fake Versace Shoes?

These shoes are a sign of true craftsmanship and quality material. That's why faking them out to scam people are not easy, but still, there is a slight chance to get scammed. To avoid that situation, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Check for 12 Digit CLG Code on the tag, if the shoe doesn't have one, then inspect the shoe for craftsmanship, quality material and anatomically correct logo.
  • In this fight between fake Versace shoes vs real ones, the brand introduced NFC tags in some of its new collections for an online authentication system. 

How to Tell If Prada Shoes are Real?

Prada shoes are highly fashionable footwear that has got counterfeiters on the tail. These fake item dealers prey on people who look for budget-friendly Prada shoes. Look out for these ideas to stay clear of them:

  • Look for a box made of Corrugated plastic other than cardboard.
  • Prada doesn't mention the logo on the top of the box. Look for it on the end of the box, along with the size and material information.
  • To determine fake Prada shoes vs real, check out the sole for the Prada logo in an upside-down triangle or an ellipse

Fake Dior Shoes vs Real

Are you thinking about investing in shoes? Then Dior is the choice for you to make, as it stands at the top along with flawless craftsmanship. As it's obvious, branded items get counterfeited, and so do these shoes. To differentiate what is real and fake, check these below-mentioned tips:

  • Look for Dior Logo & Signature Star: when it comes to a heel, the star on the sole should be pointing towards the Dior Logo while at the bottom should be made in the stamp mentioned.
  • Craftsmanship & Stitching: The impeccable craftsmanship along with perfectly precise stitching is what differentiates these shoes from the others.

Real Balenciaga Shoes vs Fake

Balenciaga shoes are quite fashionably designed, and scammers always try to make their counterfeits. To stay clear of fake Balenciaga shoes, keep these points in mind:

  • Check Out the Heel: The real Balenciaga shoes are thicker at the heel and have a distinct shape with a slight bump/ curve.
  • Check the Logo: One of the major differences between real & fake Balenciaga shoes is that the logo on the fake one is either too close or too far from the midsole compared to the real one.

Real vs Fake Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

Alexander Mcqueen Shoes are branded and expensive shoes to choose from. So buying a fake one can feel a little off, as it has a muddy-looking logo, uneven-looking stitches, not-so-bright colours, etc.

  • Make sure that Alexander McQueen's logo is present on the front and at the centre of the box and should be around 0.5 in (1.3 CM) in length.
  • To avoid fake Alexander shoes, check if the Logo on the Shoes is Spaced Out and Dull, as the authentic Alexander McQueen product has bright, shiny letters situated closely together.