Marathon Running Shoes: A Brief

If you are planning to buy shoes for long-running hours, then Marathon running shoes are what you are looking for. Marathon running shoes are a lot more than ordinary shoes as they exceed regular shoes in every aspect. Be it comfort, fitting, or cushioning, these shoes beat regular shoes in every aspect. These tested shoes are built for professional marathon athletes as they lower the impact and provide comfort for longer durations.

Whether it is a 5 km short running contest or a 40 km long marathon, a marathon running shoe will serve you at every kind of tournament with its efficiency. The special top-foot cushioning provided in these shoes helps you have a smooth pain free running experience for long distances.

Qualities of Marathon Running Shoes

Marathon running shoes are undoubtedly designed with keeping comfort as a primary focus because a marathon runner can not tolerate pain and discomfort in between sprints. Below-mentioned are the qualities of marathon running shoes that should be considered before buying one -

  • Comfort - Marathon Running Shoes without comfort are completely useless for running long distances. The runner should feel comfortable, and his sprint should be free from pain and irritation.
  • Breathable Fabric - Material quality is also an important factor for marathon running shoes for men and women as it plays a major role in foot landing. The fabric used in the manufacturing of good marathon shoes maintains ventilation to keep them sweat-free.
  • Cushioned Insole - Marathon running shoes are made with high cushioning standards to avoid joint injuries. Soft foam and gel are used to maintain a good cushioning that soaks the impact while running.
  • Grip - It is important for a marathon runner to have uninterrupted running experience and the grip of their shoes play a major role. Marathon running shoes provide premium shoe grips to provide good balance and smooth running.
  • High Bounce - Curvature is the main determinant in marathon running because it decides the shoe bounce. These shoes turn out to be very bouncy as they are great at absorbing shocks and also force the shoe back to make adequate bounce.
  • Finding Fake Shoes - You may differentiate between original and fake shoes by looking at aglets, original shoes have branding at aglets while fake shoes do not. Also, you may check authenticity by scanning the barcode, fake shoes either have the wrong barcode or no barcode. 

What to Expect from Marathon Running Shoes?

Heel-to-toe slope: While shopping for marathon running shoes, make sure that the heel-to-toe slope has a good foot strike for a high bounce. The slope for a good marathon running shoe is generally 7-8mm.

Shoe Fit: Select the shoe with a nice fitting per your foot as your shoe should not be either loose or tight. Test the shoes by walking or running for some distance and ensure a perfect fit for your foot.

Toe Box: Your foot lands on your toes when you first strike the ground which is why you should always go for shoes with a little broad-toe box. Broad toe box provides room for your toes and it allows them to flex forward.

Stediar Grip: The grip is the only part that makes direct contact with the ground which makes it extremely important to buy a shoe with a flexible and durable grip. Select a shoe grip that is stiff and makes good traction. You can know more about marathon running shoes from our marathon shoes buying guide.

Best Running Shoes for a Marathon 

Nike Air max Exceed Marathon Running Shoes - These Nike shoes cover the entire foot support with soft cushioning. They provide a foot compartment to make flexible and quick steps during the sprint.

Asics Running Shoes For Marathon - These are comfortable shoes with greater pliability and strong stitched lining which are suitable for long-distance runners as their lightweight and rubber grip promotes hassle-free long-lasting performance.

Hoka Mach 5 - These are the best Hoka running shoes for marathons which come with an excellent midsole setup and underfoot foam. Hoka Mach 5 shoes are purely meant for marathon running with premium mesh.

Puma Velocity Nitro 2 - Manufactured with advanced insole technology and form strip, this is a multi-traction shoe. Its tongue is filled with soft fabric which gives you a strong and firm fit to make nonstop running rotations.

Skechers Go Run Razor TRL - These are the best shoes for high-speed running, their hyper-burst cushioning rewards you with incredible performance. Its comfort pillar technique would not let you stop running out of tiredness.

Adidas Ultraboost - Adidas ultra boost are excellent shoes for long-running and marathons which are made with parley ocean plastic material. Adidas ultra boost comes with cushioned heel support and stretched outsole that will surely give you a smoother running experience.