There are many health benefits such as improved digestion and immunity, associated with drinking Turkish tea regularly. Nowadays, leading companies are launching products that combine different flavours such as black tea with herbal variants to target various consumer preferences. Caykur is unanimously considered the best and the healthiest Turkish tea brand whose each product passes the quality control test of 51 different laboratories. Apart from Caykur, other famous Turkish tea brands around the globe include Dogadan, Hazer Baba, Dogus, Lipton, Hafiz Mustafa, and more. Each brand contains a unique blend of Turkish tea ingredients and is available in a huge variety of flavours.

Recipe for Brewing a Turkish Tea

Turkish tea preparation requires a dual teapot i.e. two teapots stacked over one another in a particular manner called "çaydanlık". Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower teapot to keep the tea hot. After some time, a part of this water is used to fill the relatively smaller teapot on top of the stack and infuse it with several spoons of loose tea leaves to prepare a strong beverage. While serving, the remaining water in the bottom pot is used to dilute the tea on an individual basis, allowing customers to adjust the tea strength in their cup between strong, normal, and lite based on their personal preferences.

Turkish tea brewing recipe remains almost fixed while the ingredients, varieties, and flavors of this tea are subject to changes and vary. It is recommended to refrain from overboiling the water to avoid bitterness, and let the preparation rest for a few seconds after brewing to preserve its taste and essential health benefits. The caffeine levels in Turkish black tea are lower than in coffee, so drinking tea ensures a more balanced energy boost. Caffeine, when consumed in moderation, relieves headaches and promotes mental well-being in individuals.

Benefits of Consuming Turkish Tea

There are numerous other benefits of consuming Turkish tea in daily routine especially black tea and herbal formulations such as apple tea, pomegranate tea, love tea, and more.

  • Turkish Black Tea is rich in antioxidants including polyphenols that improve the concentration and energy levels in any individual. This tea also has many anti-cancer properties that aid in the maintenance of human body metabolism, the heart, and gut health.
  • Turkish Apple Tea helps in managing diabetes, cures constipation, boosts immunity, and promotes improved vision, bone, and heart health.
  • Turkish Pomegranate Tea prevents cell damage, reduces inflammation, and fights free radicals. Apart from lowering cholesterol levels, it aids in digestion and keeps the heart healthy. It shows antimicrobial effects and is also quite effective against certain types of cancer.