Turkish tea is a type of black tea derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is usually cultivated in Turkey's northeastern region. The Mongol-Tatar tribes introduced tea to Turkey between the 7th-10th centuries B.C. This tea is best known for its innumerable health benefits which include providing the necessary boost to a human immune system and being rich in antioxidants.

Why Tea from Turkey is Treasured By Most Across the World?

Turkish tea is regarded as one of the purest teas in the world as it is grown without using pesticides. Moreover, it’s a herbal medicine that is quite effective in treating numerous ailments. Turkish ethnic groups enjoy savoring different flavours of this tea several times a day, which is why this tea gets widely served in Turkish cafes, restaurants, and homes.

The ritual of consuming Turkish tea is popular at social gatherings held in tea houses and gardens. It is brewed in several stages, including withering, oxidation, heating, rolling, pressing, and heaping followed by additional drying, microbial fermentation, and ageing. Apart from its herbal constituents, what makes this tea unique is that the tea-to-water ratio while brewing is highly variable and changes with the types of tea leaves being used. The origin, grade, harvesting time, oxidation period of any tea, and many other factors together contribute to the final composition of that tea. There is much more to know about Turkish tea that will make you want it even more.

What are the Best Varieties and Forms of Turkish Tea Found Near Me?

Turkish tea is available in a variety of forms and packaging in the market which include tea leaves, tea powder, tea bags, and tea packets for brewing the preferred flavour. To make things convenient, online retailers sell Turkish black tea powder, herbal tea powder, apple tea powder, mango tea powder, and menthol tea powder at reasonable prices for instant medley preparations.

Organic tea, Oral tea, Rize, Filiz tea, Hemsin tea, Karadeniz tea, Earl Grey tea, Altinbas tea, Karali cay tea, and more are among the best varieties of Turkish tea that get popularly known for their rich taste, aroma, and strength. Turkish tea leaves, bags, packets, granules, and powders are sold in a variety of price packages in UK.

Mostly Savored Turkish Tea Flavors Around the World

Black Leaf Tea is the traditional Turkish tea and is one of the most widely consumed Turkish tea variants apart from other nostalgic flavours that include apple tea, red tea, green tea, green apple tea, sand tea, ice tea, rose tea, mint tea, orange tea, kiwi tea, pomegranate tea, cinnamon tea, chamomile tea, cay tea, yarrow tea, saga tea, love tea and many more.

Turkish tea with star anise, Turkish wild rose tea, or tea with linden flowers, along with more varieties of herbal tea that combine different constituents of herbs in each pack. The most popular herbal teas among travellers are apple tea, wild rose tea, yarrow tea, and sage tea, all of which can be easily procured online from Ubuy. The ultimate luxurious black-leaf tea variation is Turkish delight tea, which owes its enticing deep dark appearance to the black tea mixed with cocoa kernels and red rose petals.

Get Authentic Turkish Tea Online in UK

The entire variety of famous Turkish tea brands worldwide is readily available online in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and major cities in UK at Ubuy. Check out the following famous Turkish tea products listed below -

Caykur Turkish Tea

Caykur teas are available in various varieties of Black, Green, White, Organic, DIDI, and Gift teas. Turkish Black Tea Duo by Caykur - Filiz & Caycicegi and Caykur Black Turkish Tea Flower are among the most popular ones.

Dogadan Turkish Tea

Major varieties of Dogadan Turkish tea can be divided into Black, Green, OOLONG, White and PU-ERH. Organic Black Turkish Tea and Dogadan Gizli Bahce Black Tea are among the most popular ones.

Hazer Baba Turkish Tea

Apart from Hazer Baba Turkish Tea, its fruit teas and herbal variants are also cherished by many. Hazer Baba Turkish Apple Tea and Turkish Lemon Tea are among the most sought-after ones.

Doğuş Turkish Tea

Doğuş Cay (Tea) comes in the following varieties which are: Black, Herbal, Green, Fruit, Mystical, Foam, and Functional. Dogus Karadeniz Gourmet Turkish Tea and Earl Grey Turkish Tea are among the most popular varieties enjoyed by many.

Lipton Turkish Tea

Among all Lipton tea Varieties i.e. Herbal, Fruit, Green, Black, and Matcha, Herbal teas are the most frequently purchased ones. Lipton Turkish Herbal Tea combo is the most sought-after one.

Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Tea

In addition to its delicious aroma, this tea is available in a variety of flavours. Hafiz Mustafa Anatolian Bergamot Flavoured Turkish Tea and Apple Fruit Tea are among the most popular ones.

Where Can I Find Turkish Tea Online for Sale?

Purchase the most genuine and reasonably priced Turkish Tea from any of the popular brands such as Caykur, Doğuş, and Dogadan online from Ubuy. Turkish tea is loaded with polyphenols such as catechins, tannins, and guanine along with fluoride, manganese, caffeine, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, magnesium, zinc, and many more.

What are the Top Rated & Trending Turkish Tea?

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